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If you're looking for an amazing, experienced orthodontist, you found one at Hubbard Orthodontics. For braces, aligners, retainers, mini implants and more, visit our orthodontist office in Stephenville, TX.

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GW Hubbard, DDS, MS, PC
Specialist in Orthodontics &
Dentofacial Orthopedics

At Hubbard Orthodontics, we combine years of expertise with a passion for transforming smiles in the heart of Stephenville. Led by the renowned Dr. GW Hubbard, our practice is dedicated to providing exceptional orthodontic care tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

About Hubbard Orthodontics

Dr. GW Hubbard and our team are at the forefront of orthodontic care, offering a range of innovative treatments designed to deliver optimal results. Our mission goes beyond straightening teeth; we strive to enhance overall oral health and boost confidence through beautiful smiles. With a deep commitment to personalized care, we ensure that every patient feels valued and understood from their very first visit.

G.W. Hubbard, DDS, MS, PC

Founder, Orthodontist

Our Orthodontic Services

When you're in search of the best orthodontist in Stephenville and the surrounding areas, you can feel comfortable and safe in your choice of Dr. G.W. Hubbard, DDS, MS, PC Specialist.


Unlock a straighter, healthier smile with our traditional braces. Ideal for correcting a wide range of alignment issues, our braces are designed for maximum effectiveness and comfort. Learn how our expert team at Hubbard Orthodontics can personalize your treatment.
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Clear Braces

Experience the power of clear braces at Hubbard Orthodontics. Perfect for patients seeking a less noticeable orthodontic solution, our clear braces offer the same effective treatment as traditional braces with a discreet appearance. Discover the benefits today.
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Maintain your perfect smile after treatment with our custom retainers. Designed to keep your teeth in their new position, our retainers ensure that your investment in your smile is protected for years to come. Learn more about our retainer options.
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Removable Appliances

Explore the versatility of removable appliances at Hubbard Orthodontics. Used for minor corrections and as part of comprehensive treatment plans, these appliances provide an effective, less invasive alternative to traditional braces. Find out more about how they can simplify your orthodontic journey.
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Advanced headgear solutions at Hubbard Orthodontics help address more significant bite discrepancies and growth modifications. Our headgear is tailored to each patient's needs, ensuring optimal results. Learn how headgear could be a crucial part of your orthodontic treatment.
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Mini Implants/TAD's

Enhance your orthodontic treatment with Mini Implants (Temporary Anchorage Devices) at Hubbard Orthodontics. These small but powerful tools provide a stable anchor for moving teeth into desired positions more efficiently. Discover how TADs can shorten your treatment time and improve outcomes.
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Mission Statement

Our orthodontic practice is dedicated to providing the finest quality orthodontic treatment in a friendly, enjoyable and caring environment. It is our goal to:

  • Create extremely satisfied patients.
  • Create wonderful smiles and excellent bites.
  • Create raving and confident referrals.
  • Create an enthusiastic and dedicated staff.

Why Choose Dr. G.W. Hubbard, DDS, MS, PC Specialist

Choose Dr. GW Hubbard for orthodontic care that combines expertise with a personal touch. At Hubbard Orthodontics, Dr. Hubbard brings years of specialized training and hands-on experience to every treatment plan. Renowned for his precision and commitment, he ensures that each patient receives customized care tailored to their unique dental needs and aesthetic goals.

Dr. Hubbard's approach not only focuses on achieving optimal orthodontic outcomes but also emphasizes patient comfort and satisfaction throughout the treatment process. With a warm, welcoming practice environment and a dedicated support team, Dr. Hubbard makes every visit to Hubbard Orthodontics a positive and reassuring experience. Trust your smile to Dr. Hubbard and see why he is the preferred orthodontist in Stephenville.

We Are Grateful for Your Feedback!

At Hubbard Orthodontics, we sincerely thank all our patients who have taken the time to share their experiences. Your wonderful reviews not only help us continue to enhance our services but also affirm our commitment to providing the highest quality orthodontic care. Each piece of feedback is a reminder of why we love what we do, and we are truly grateful for the trust and confidence you place in us. Thank you for being a part of our orthodontic family!

Based on 8 reviews
Amy Winsett
Amy Winsett
April 25, 2023
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Super fast service and nice employees!
Janea Williams
Janea Williams
February 24, 2022
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Dr. Hubbard is the sweetest person ever! He’s very straight to the point. The office as a whole has changed my life tremendously, and I’m very honored to have met them! They have the warmest welcomes and are very humorous. There should honestly be a button to add more stars. Everybody is very gentle with me and the people I had watched them interact with when I shadowed at their office. Fantastic atmosphere and very clean!
Billy Andrews
Billy Andrews
December 1, 2020
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I could only give 5 stars but this place deserves 10. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Hubbard, his staff and office. Dr. Hubbard is the best Orthodontist! His staff and office are top notch. From the front door on the first visit, to today when both my boys got their braces off it was such an awesome experience. Stephenville is so blessed to have such a great Christian orthodontist.
Annice Barber
Annice Barber
November 13, 2018
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Dr Hubbard is very friendly and patient with questions. He never makes our time feel rushed even though I'm sure he's so busy. The staff is great too, very organized. Nice facility
Laddie Norman
Laddie Norman
February 15, 2017
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They are great with my daughter

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At Hubbard Orthodontics, Dr. Hubbard and our dedicated team are committed to providing exceptional orthodontic care in the heart of Stephenville. We specialize in innovative treatments and personalized care plans designed to create beautiful, healthy smiles for patients of all ages. Trust your smile to our expertise and experience a brighter, more confident future.

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